Wherever you travel on the road of life - remember, wherever you are, you are already all that can be and where you can be.

But how do you realize this ?

Ubi bene, ibi patria...

For this, there are Beings who have already proceeded on their Path. The Masters, the teachers, those who just... are.

When you have reached that state, Happiness is always present. The question, how you can be happy, will not arise for yourself, once you are happy - because you are Everything you can ever be.

Which is, what you - already - are.

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So. How do you proceed on that path ?

Work on your inner state of Happiness - Know yourself - Believe in yourself.

Work on your inner state of Happiness. Happy people attract happy circumstances.

Know yourself.

Sometimes, literature can help you with that. Especially, if it is a poem or a fairy tale written especially for you, and using the venerable means of symbolism to enlighten what you hitherto might not have seen clearly.

Or you might want to look through some spiritual books yourself. We offer to you an overview over Books for enlightenment.

And if you are (or would like to become) an artist, you might consider taking our classes on inspiration.

Be smart - get to start !

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Insight through spiritual poems written especially for you




The Books

  1. 1.B. Y. Martin: Change your Aura, Change your Life, click here to buy or go to bookdepository.co.uk

  2. 2.Books for Enlightenment: http://www.books-for-enlightenment.com

  3. 3.Until 2 goes public: http://www.lichtharfe.net

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